SPECTRVM is a suite of services for our innovative model of community-based business cultivation.
Participating businesses have scalable access to world-class services.

  • Sales and marketing
  • Personnel management, e.g. training, recruitment
  • Executive oversight, e.g mentors, CEO’s for hire
  • Counsel, e.g. corporate, intellectual property counsel
  • Technology design and prototyping
  • Relationship management, e.g. media, grant writing
  • Venture, angel, and seed funding
  • Money management, e.g. accounting, CFO’s for hire

SPECTRVM Service providers are selected based on the following requirements.

Services must be scaleable

Adjustable rates tailored to the growth stage of the client. Our providers understand the unique and challenging circumstances that start-ups and small businesses operate under, and adjust their offerings accordingly.

Physical presence at the TVCOG

Options include renting space in the Quackenbush, or holding scheduled meetings in the buildings to be accessible to clients.

Join SPECTRVM as a Service Provider to:

  • Expand your range of clients
  • Build loyalty at the inception stage of start-ups
  • Take a meaningful role in economic development